Black’s Opal: Never Cross Your Own Path Is Now Available!

Black's OpalI’m thrilled to announce that Book 3 in the Crystal Cave Adventures series, Black’s Opal, is now available everywhere you find great books. In this book, Emma and Brody travel to Lightning Ridge, Australia in 1925 and search for the rare black opal. This is one of my favorite books in the series because of all of the fun activities. Australia is full of interesting and places. In this book, the kids visit a natural bore bath, compete in a goat cart race at the fair, and get chased by a mob of kangaroo. They also have fun with a new boomerang and meet a mysterious new friend who has a secret that absolutely rocks their world.

As more secrets behind the crystal cave and the person behind the destruction of Mr. M’s prized rock collection are revealed, you just might find a new mystery or two to solve.

Join me on a fun, time-traveling adventure to 1925 Australia today.

Official Blurb:

West Virginia teens Emma and Brody, are on a mission to help their neighbor, Mr. M, find new samples of his famed rock and mineral collection that were destroyed in a vicious robbery. Little did they know that collecting the rare samples would sending them traveling through time in a magical crystal cave.

Determined to find the perfect Black Opal, Emma and Brody with the help of Mr. M’s granddaughter Max, travel to Lightning Ridge, Australia in 1925. As they navigate a herd of stampeding kangaroo, goat cart races, and flying boomerangs, the kids meet Rose, a young girl whose mysterious secret will rock their world forever.

When their attempts to collect the perfect opal anger the locals, the kids flee and accidentally land over 2000 years in the future in South Carolina. Can the kids figure out how to return to their own state and time? Will Rose’s secret stop them from helping Mr. M? Will Max finally figure out who destroyed her Grandfather’s prized rock and mineral collection and why? The answers are all inside but may leave you with a new mystery to solve.

You can find Black’s Opal as well as the first three books in the series everywhere books are sold. Available in eBook and paperback.

If you have not read the beginning of the series, now is a great time to catch up.

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