Charleston’s 2018 Snowstorm!

Great Pyrenees Snow Fun South CarolinaWhere I live, we rarely get snow. In fact, my family has been saving snowballs everytime we have barely enough snow to make a few. In my freezer, we have snowballs from 2010, 2014 and now, 2018. Every year of the Winter Olympics, we get snow. But, not normall this much!

The Charleston area got 5.3″ officially and we had a nice layer of ice underneath it all which is still melting, a week later. In fact, the kids here have not gone back to school yet. They have missed four additional days because the ice just won’t melt in the shady areas even though the temperature has finally creeped above freezing. Maybe tomorrow.

I do love the snow but I’m tired of driving on ice because our area just doesn’t have snow plow and large supplies of road salt. So, we sit and wait for Mother Nature to help us out. My big Great Pyrenees, Brutus, is definately going to miss the snow. He absolutely loved the fluffy white stuff!

The snowstorm did give me time to work on the final edits for Book #3 in the Crystal Cave Adventures series. Black’s Opal will be out later this winter and I’m excited for you to join in on their adventure in Australia where they land in a little snow, too.

Here are some pictures from the great Charleston snow of 2018!

Mount Pleasant South Carolina snow 2018

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