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If you love rocks and minerals, adventure and time travel, you will love the Crystal Cave Adventure series!

In Book #1, Blue John’s Cavern, you will meet Emma and Brody. These 13 year-olds are in for the adventure of a lifetime as they travel through a magical cave to 1775 England where they have to sneak into a heavily guarded cave and collect a sample of the rare, Blue John Fluorite for their neighbor’s Museum collection. Along the way, they meet a mysterious young girl who seems to know more than she should. Will Brody & Emma be able to collect the rare fluorite and get back to the future before they are stuck forever in the past?

In Book #2, Rusher’s Gold, Emma and Brody travel to the California Gold Rush in 1851. But when their actions in the past erase the future can they gather the gold, save their friends and get back to the present before its too late?

Download Emma’s field notebook and follow along as she adds more great adventures in future books. There are blank pages for you to fill in during your own adventures, too!




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