We are NOT the Kardashian’s of Science!!

Mini_Me_Logo_hiresMy sister sent me a text last Friday asking if I had watched the new Big Bang Theory episode from the night before. No, I hadn’t but when she replied that I was going to laugh and she couldn’t tell me anything more I went straight to the DVR.

Did I laugh? No! This was the THIRD episode where they made fun of geologists! I love this show, but really? Geology is super cool and we do not look like the totally nerdy guys they cast either. So here is my offer to the producers of the Big Bang Theory…when you are ready, I want to be on your show and take on Sheldon! Someday he’s going to need to meet his geological match and I want it to be me.

A geology vs physics showdown! So, tweet the producers (@BigBang_CBS) and let them know that we want Sheldon to learn a little love for geology!

…the Kardashian’s of science….ha!

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